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Canadian/International Customers

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2013 06:54PM PST
Unfortunately, our site is configured to not allow international sales.  We use certain security features for card-processing, which are only possible for US-only sites.  Since we don't do any events out of the US, we've decided that's the right trade-off to make, for the sake of all our customers to be more secure when they purchase.

If you're not worried about redeeming the ticket(s) for admission, the best option is probably for you to mail a check directly to the artist, and call it a "tip".  That way, you're giving 100% of the funds to the artist, since you're not able to attend.  If the artist is selling tickets for cash, you'd have the option to ask them to sell you a ticket and send them a check to cover it.  But again, seems wasteful to put any money toward a ticket, if you aren't planning to use it to attend (and you could give 100% of it to the artist directly).

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